1. 7 ways to show yourself love

      Self love is about having a regard for your own happiness and well-being. Practicing self love can be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out and trying to make changes in the way you think about yourself, or in the way you’ve been taught to regard yourself. It’s not about being full of yourself or self-absorbed, it’s about getting in touch with yourself, your body and what it needs, your own happiness and taking care of you.
    1. Take a bath. Add your favorite bath bomb, light some scented candles, pop on some relaxing music and soak away your stresses. If you’re inclined to stay in there for a while, make sure you have a good book, some nibbles and a cheeky glass of bubbles on hand. Once you’re out of the bath, grab your favorite body oil or body butter and rub it in from head to toe.
    2. Think positive. There are a myriad of ways to do this. Some people like to start their d
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  2. 5 skincare tips for clear and healthy skin

    5 skincare tips for clear + healthy skin Pollution, too much exposure to sun, late nights and stress are just some of the culprits that cause premature aging. Some of these factors are unavoidable; you can prevent your skin from looking dull, dry and showing signs of premature aging by following a simple and healthy skin care routine. Tip 1: Cleanse twice a day Cleansing your skin is a “MUST” to prevent bacteria from damaging your skin. It’s very important to cleanse your skin twice a day to remove dirt, bacteria, makeup and excess oils. It’s very important to use mild cleansers or natural soaps sited for your skin type and avoid over cleansing your skin more than twice a day to prevent more breakouts and drying by stripping off the skin’s natural protective oils. Tip 2: Exfoliate! To reveal soft and smooth skin Exfoliating the skin helps remove dead skin cells, excess oil and helps with better blood circulatio
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  3. Applying Facial Masks

    Facial masks are a great way to nourish tired, dull and rough skin by providing intense nourishment of essential ingredients to help your skin become healthy, younger looking, soft and smooth. Facial masks are the easiest way to maintain a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. Applying a facial mask once or twice a week will help your skin look healthy, smoother, softer and cleaner. Facial mask can also help reduce blemishes, remove blackhead, whiteheads, minimize the appearance of pores and the effects of aging. There are facial masks for different skin types. It’s good to add facial mask to your weekly skin care routine for smoother, softer and radiant complexion. Facial mask can help reduce blemishes, remove blackhead and whiteheads, minimiz

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  4. Ancient African Beauty Secrets

    The use of traditional ingredients in skincare can be traced back to thousands of years ago. Ancient African Beauty Secrets has been passed down from generations to generations. Ancient Egyptians took very care of their bodies using olive oil, sesame oil, bitter almonds and castor oil to moisturize their skin and help keep their hair healthy. Queen Cleopatra, the famous for bathing in milk and honey to help keep her skin soft and youthful. At Lovinah Skincare, many of our product formulas go back to Ancient African traditions and rituals. Our cleansing balm, facial mask, facial elixir, rose water mist and body oil are based on an ancient ritual for purifying the skin, anointing the body with oil and maintaining a healthy glow.

    Here are some ancient African rituals to give your skin a y

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  5. Superfood Moringa, the best skin food

    Moringa tree is native to Africa and some parts India. The vitamin-rich, nutrient-dense and antioxidant powerhouse is an excellent active ingredient in skin-care products, thanks to its antioxidants, antibacterial, and nourishing properties. Superfood Moringa, the best skin food on the planet. superfood-moringa Do you want radiant skin? Moringa is the best skin boosting superfood on the planet and it’s super rich in vitamin A or beta-carotene which help enhances skin color, texture and fight premature aging by acting as an antioxidant to help reduce damages to the skin caused by UV light, pollution and other environmental hazards like smoking. This superfood is jam packed with vitamin A, B, C, D, E; minerals like copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, silica, potassium, manganese,  and other skin loving nutrients. Moringa has 7x

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