Facial masks are a great way to nourish tired, dull and rough skin by providing intense nourishment of essential ingredients to help your skin become healthy, younger looking, soft and smooth. Facial masks are the easiest way to maintain a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. Applying a facial mask once or twice a week will help your skin look healthy, smoother, softer and cleaner. Facial mask can also help reduce blemishes, remove blackhead, whiteheads, minimize the appearance of pores and the effects of aging. There are facial masks for different skin types. It’s good to add facial mask to your weekly skin care routine for smoother, softer and radiant complexion. Facial mask can help reduce blemishes, remove blackhead and whiteheads, minimize the appearance of pores and even our your skin tone

There are many amazing benefits of masks:

  • absorb excess facial oil
  • smooth and calm irritated skin
  • moisturize the skin
  • brightens skin color
  • refreshes the skin
  • minimize the appearance of pores
  • cleanse and nourish the skin
  • reduce skin irritation
  • soften the skin
  • eliminate blackheads and whiteheads
  • stimulate blood circulation

Types of facial mask

There are different types of mask for different purposes and skin type. Masks usually contain some type of fruit extract and a combination of vitamins and minerals. It is applied on the face and allowed to settle for a certain time duration, varying from 20 minutes to an overnight, before rinsing or peeling off. You can choose facial mask according to your own preference and skin type.

Clay masks –

Clay mask is used to draw out toxin and impurities from the skin. It’s essential for keeping the skin clear. It works best for oily skin by absorbing excess oil and shrinking enlarged pores.
  • Apply clay mask to the face and neck areas
  • Let mask dry otherwise you won’t notice any results
  • Rinse mask thoroughly with water
  • Pat your face and neck dry, then apply moisturizer

Peel off masks

The peel off mask are for soft removal of dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. As we age, skin regeneration process slows down and dead skin cells accumulate on the skin surface. The peel off mask can be applied in a thin layer to clean face for radiant skin
  • Apply peel off mask to the face and neck areas. Avoid the eyes.
  • Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes
  • Remove mask by peeling it off
*Tip* Regardless of your skin type, to get the maximum benefits of facial mask, always steam your face over a bowl of warm water or apply warm wash cloth over your face to open up your pores before applying a mask.

Step 1

Cleanse your face and neck before applying mask. You don’t want to apply mask on a face full of makeup. Mask works best on a clean and dry skin

Step 2

Apply mask evenly over the face using spatula and relax for 10/20 minutes, depending on the mask and your skin type.  If you have dry or sensitive skin don’t leave the mask on for more than 15 minutes and for oily skin type15 – 25 minutes.

Step 3

Wash your face and neck with lukewarm water to remove the mask. I enjoy placing a warm, clean towel over my face before applying moisturizer or hydrating serum.

Useful Tips:

  • never apply a facial mask to dirty skin
  • make sure you have removed the mask entirely
  • always perform patch test before applying a mask, especially if you have sensitive skin
  • remove mask immediately if you experience discomfort
  • always apply a moisturizer at the end
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