Have you treated yourself lately? Most of us would say “no” to that question. Why is it that we don’t treat ourselves? I know myself my treats are few and far between. As I’m writing this I’m asking myself this very question. So, for those of you out there, what’s your excuse for not treating yourself? I find it hard (that’s my excuse) to have any pampering treats within the salon. When we do have time to have a facial or pedicure (my favourite) something usually happens… just as you’re about to change into a gown and lay down for your facial or you put your feet in the lovely, warm bubbles of the spa bath… and then in walks a client or the phone rings or the salon gets very busy. I try to think positive “I know I’m going to have my pedicure today” but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. You’re thinking “why don’t you do it after hours”, well the only way I can make you understand how we feel is, would you like to do more work after you finish working…I know your saying but it’s a facial…this is what we do for work, I love it and enjoy it but some days you just want to go home. So for this reason I like to go elsewhere for my treats. I just I don’t do that enough. As I’m writing I’m thinking when was the last pampering I had…ah – full body massage while on holidays 2 months ago but before that I can’t remember, that’s bad.
  • What has stopped you?
  • Are we that time poor?
  • Do we prioritize everyone and everything before we think about ourselves?
This is food for thought! I really want you to take some time out and treat yourself to one pampering. This doesn’t include food or alcohol treats either just luxurious pampering. A manicure, pedicure or facial, if your time is precious or finances are tight have an eyelash tint when you have an eyebrow wax, it can be small, it’s important to slot you into you’re your busy schedule and budget. This is a little bit of time for you, and when you look at your lashes or toes “Oh how Fab do they look!” Happy pampered Skin