Are you feeling your skin doesn’t have that healthy, youthful grow about it anymore? Does your skin look sallow or tired? How do you feel in the morning when you look in the mirror? Understanding your skin is the most important
  • Do you drink water? • Are you protecting it? • Are you hydrating it?
There’s 3 simple ways to get your skin glowing in no time. You need to be  prepared to move forward with your thinking. Stop sitting on the bench and wishing for glowing skin, sitting thinking about isn’t going to get you what you want. Actions speak louder than words, start doing. It’s easier than you think I believe everyone can do this and it is a lot easier to implement if you want your skin glowing in no time.
  1. Drink plenty of water – This will hydrate you from the inside out; remember our body is 60-70% fluid it needs replenishing, give it a big drink.
  2. Moisturize – I cannot say this enough moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Hydrating and protecting your skin from the outside will give the skin a fresh, dewy look every single day. If your oily, it will slow that oil down and if your dry, it will give your skin a needed boost.
  3. Sunblock – Protecting your skin when outdoors will slow the ageing process and that means less wrinkles. By shielding the skin from the sun it is less likely to to get those brown marks or uneven skin color called pigmention.
Glowing skin is a work in progress you need to maintain it on a regular basis. We admire many beautiful women in the world that seem to have glowing skin all the time. Take Cindy Crawford for example…wow how amazing does she look? She has worked very hard at keeping her skin looking it best; it’s daily habit for her. Cindy has created her own line of products Cindy Crawford Skin Care. Now I’m not saying you need to create you skin care range either…. you just need to be consistant with your maintenance and have a regular routine! To get your skin glowing in no time is up to you, applying the 3 simple steps daily will get the result. Glowing skin doesn’t come naturally to all of us, so it needs to be a routine, a habit that you do without even thinking. Just like cleaning your teeth you just do it! I know you can dedicate yourself to these simple steps, take one day at a time.