Skin is the body's largest organ. You want to do everything you can to care for it as much as possible. But are the high price tags on natural skin care products really worth it? We think so. Here are 10 reasons you should invest in natural skin care products today.
  1. Chemicals – Conventional skin care products contain many different kinds of toxic chemicals that can cause skin irritation and can potentially lead to diseases including cancer. Natural skin care products don’t have these harmful chemicals in them.
  2. Ingredients – Natural skin care products are made with nourishing ingredients like natural conditioning oils, purifying clays, gentle essential oils – everything your skin needs to stay maximally beautiful while conventional skincare products are mostly man made using synthetic ingredients that potentially be harmful to the body
  3. Sustainability – Rather than being filled with ingredients made in a lab, natural skin care products are made from sustainably produced natural resources. The companies that produce the ingredients work hard to keep the earth healthy rather than exploit it.
  4. Simplicity – Most natural skin care products have very simple lists of ingredients. You can tell exactly what you're putting on your face. You can even make many products yourself. Lotions and facial scrubs are particularly easy to make in your home.
  5. Environment – Natural skin care products are better for the environment. Aside from the recyclable packaging and the sustainably produced ingredients, you can be confident that when you rinse these products off your face and down the drain, you are not adding any harmful toxins to our water supply.
  6. Longer Lasting – You may pay more initially for natural skin care products, but with the improved quality, you will find that you have to use less product for each application than what you are used to. So natural products often last far longer than the same amount of conventional products.
Next time you're shopping around for skin care products, don't be mislead by price tags – natural skin care products are a much better investment – for your body, for the earth and, in the long run, for your wallet.